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What are the steps involved for incorporating in Florida?

Incorporating in Florida involves, among other things, the following steps:

  1. A Florida corporation name search: Choosing a name for your Florida State corporation is one of the most exciting parts of forming a Florida corporation. However, when choosing a name, keep in mind that the name must not be the same as past Florida corporations that are active or any current state of Florida corporations. That is, the name must not be the same as other Florida corporation names so as to not deceive the public. In addition, if the name contains the words "bank", "trust" or "trustee", it needs to be approved by the Superintendent of Banks.

  2. Filing the Florida Articles of Incorporation: The Articles of Incorporation set out the basic operating tenants of all state of Florida corporations. The Articles are filed with the State of Florida Division of Corporations. Once they are approved, the corporation comes into existence.

  3. Creating Bylaws: Bylaws serve as the "instruction manual" for all state of Florida corporations. Bylaws detail the responsibilities, rights and duties of the directors, shareholders and officers.

  4. Electing Directors: Directors are elected by the shareholders of the corporation to represent them.

  5. Electing Officers: The directors can elect officers to carry out the day to day management of the corporation under the ultimate authority of the board of directors.

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